Top 10: Most expensive restaurants in the world

For all lovers of gastronomy and those who are planning to spend the evening in the luxurious atmosphere of the restaurant, will certainly be interesting to see the TOP 10 most expensive restaurants in the world. Many of the restaurants mentioned below are famous for their exclusivity, exotic locations, rare dishes and unique atmosphere. These institutions offer more than food: they offer a unique “experience” of visiting the restaurant.

10. Masa (Masa) (New York)

The restaurant Masa in new York’s complex Time Warner Center (Time Warner Center), invites you to enjoy equally the food and atmosphere. Chef Masa Takayama (Masa Takayama) advises customers to dress comfortably to comfortably spend three hours (!) for a culinary event with many dishes. The restaurant is no set menu, customers seated and they bring a number of fresh dishes straight from the kitchen. The restaurant atmosphere is very soothing, probably to suppress the shock that you can experience, seeing the expense at $ 350 per person – not including tax or tip. But if we talk about drinks, there really can be ruined as a carafe of sake “Kikuhime” will cost you 400 dollars, but a bottle of Bordeaux Chateau Margaux (Chateau Margaux Bordeaux) 1995 will pay $ 1,500.

9. “Mishigama” (Misoguigawa) (Osaka (Osaka), Kobe (Kobe) and Kyoto (Kyoto))

This restaurant serves French food with Apostolorum, explains the web site, the kitchen “seeking harmony of the French spirit and Japanese culture.” The restaurant is located in a former teahouse in Central Kyoto and offers French cuisine in the style Kaiseki (kaiseki) since 1981. A seasonal menu of eight dishes will cost you at least about 162 dollars. More bombastic version of this meal with several courses worth of $ 270 with tax and must be booked at least five days before you come! Among the delicious and expensive dishes are: beef fillet with potato souffle, Lima beans with butter and roast pumpkin. For dessert, the restaurant offers many tasty options, including chocolate Marquis with berries in a creamy pistachio sauce. The school also has several private rooms for events or simply a specialized dinner.

8. Le Pre, Catalan (Le Pre Catelan) (Paris)

This trendy restaurant is located in the center of the Park Bois de Boulogne (Bois de Boulogne) in Paris, France. Prices for meals start at around $ 85, and desserts with 43 dollars, but customers will be difficult to find a special dish to order for less than 130 dollars. For $ 255 including taxes and maintenance, you can enjoy family meals. As a summer promotion, the restaurant offers a lunch of five courses (only!) for $ 199 per person. Among these expensive dishes are ravioli with shrimp in a broth of olive oil, and veal with mashed potatoes with the smell of cinnamon. Visitors also talked about the excellent bread and wine, the essential elements of any French restaurant.

The restaurant “Beige” is at the top of the building Chanel (Chanel) in Tokyo’s Ginza (Ginza). This restaurant is another institution renowned chef Alain Ducasse (Alain Ducasse), which in 2013 received the award for lifetime achievement from the websites of the top 50 restaurants in the world (World’s 50 Best Restaurants). Restaurants, culinary schools, cookbooks and consulting activities Ducasse brought him about $ 15 million in 2002, and its revenues, have undoubtedly increased over the subsequent years! The restaurant “Beige” serves French cuisine with seasonal Japanese ingredients. Special menu include mushroom menu with porcini mushrooms and matsutake for 259 dollars, or lunch of three or four courses for 147 or $ 190, respectively. When you finish with dinner, you get chocolate in the shape of a Chanel button. Of course, for about $ 25.

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