Asia is known for its delicious dishes, delicacies, spices and flavors – but in some countries you can offer is very strange, if not creepy dishes that you are unlikely to ever dare to try. However, some of the dishes can be found both in Europe and in America.

Eye tuna

This miracle of culinary art you can only find in Japan. It’s probably the most gigantic fish eyes you have ever seen. And, of course, the saliva in the mouth at the sight of this delicacy not occur. The only way to eat this thing is to quickly swallow it and forget, otherwise the consequences are very predictable.

Blood broth

These bloody pieces of plain food cooking workshop in Laos, but if you can’t wait to try the broth, you can always find it on the Phousy market in Luang Prabang.

Bull testicles

This is the most common food in the household in the southern part of China; it is often possible to see how the bull testicles are hanging in a butcher shop, along with other types of meat. As the Chinese say, we are open to any food.


Boiled bat is a very valuable dish in Asia. And this dish is very cheap and is a real delicacy. You can taste it in Fiji, and other Asian countries, they say that it tastes like chicken.

Pork brains

Although this dish is you do not seem super special, but you are unlikely to find it in every restaurant.


Boiled duck egg, which has already formed fetus with feathers, beak and cartilage. Eaten mostly by the peoples of Cambodia. Those who have tried this dish, note especially the distinctive taste (perhaps because polyformaldehyde bones).

Mouse in wine

This wine is made as follows: fill the bottle of rice wine three-day young mice and leave the wine “languishing” for a year to say so to combine flavors. It is believed that this wine is very useful and is a real cure in some parts of Korea. On the palate, the wine is, say, kerosene.

Boiled sheep’s head

This delicacy is common in the Middle East – Iran, Iraq. This dish is served even in Kazakhstan, and slits her the most respected member of the family!

Hakarl — rotten shark meat

Hakarl is nothing but rotten to the last cell of muscle meat harmless basking shark Greenland. Hakala scent reminiscent of the smell that prevails in unkempt public toilets. It looks hakarl like cheese, diced.

Hakarl is of two sorts: from a rotten stomach and of rotten muscle tissue. For shops hakarl Packed as our squid to beer from the stall. Unsophisticated consumers advise at first taste hold your nose because the smell is much stronger than the taste. He looks like a very spicy white fish or mackerel in Hebrew. In Iceland, this delicacy is a mandatory program of celebrations for Christmas and New year. Eat rotten akulyatinu — means to be steadfast and strong, like a Viking.

Civic — seal, stuffed seagulls

Here’s one recipe superdelikatesnogo Christmas dishes from the kitchen most of the Northern peoples living in sub-Arctic from Greenland to Chukotka. Take one headless corpse of a seal and stuff it in the stomach of the dead, plucked gulls. Hide dish for seven months in the permafrost. During this time the enzymes decomposing gulls it should work with the guts seal. Then dig up and eat kivak expecting favors from Santa. Taste simnekroz birds and pinnipeds resembles a very old and very sharp cheese. 13 Photo Naomi Campbell

Haggis or Haggis

The so-called Scotland’s famous national dish, consists of minced lamb and boiled in the stomach, heart, lungs and liver of the animal.


The national Mexican dish – the eggs of giant black ants liometopum who live in ahavah. The consistency of the eggs just about like cottage cheese. Usually eat them in tacos with guacamole.


Earlier in Paraguay meat rats ate mostly in small villages, but now this fashion has spread across the country. The truth is rats now often replace Guinea pigs, claiming that their meat is not inferior to its healthy properties, and taste even sweeter. Fried, stewed, stuffed, dried – Paraguayans can cook rodents-vermin of any kind. Taste like roast duck. As advised Paraguayans, best of all newborn pups, which prepare and swallow whole with a large glass of milk.

Scorpions deep-fried

The most common product in Asian markets (China, Cambodia, Bangkok). However, Scorpions do not eat only in Asia. In elite restaurants in new York and Amsterdam pampered exotic delights the audience are treated to a snack of a cheese Scorpion on the pillow surrounded by lettuce leaves.

Fried tarantulas

Spiders like spiders, only poisonous and fried. Of course, before cooking the poisonous fangs removed. Spiders ‘ legs, abdomen and poisonous jaws separately insist on the rice wine – it turns dark brown turbid liquid, which raises the overall tone. In Cambodia by the way fried tarantulas are considered a delicacy of a noble, almost like black caviar in the West.


In Cambodia one of the most popular dishes is specially prepared grasshoppers. And even grasshoppers love in the USA, in Missouri. Eat fried grasshoppers, hot is better, soy or fish sauce, liberally sprinkling red hot pepper. The head and legs it is better to separate together with stomach. Feet – food for everybody, they are edible, but are unusually long, so it’s impossible to swallow without biting each in half first. The taste is somewhat reminiscent of fried potatoes with a creamy, slightly sweet flavor.

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