The rules of decoration and design ideas of edible food decorations

Even if you have absolutely no time, try to decorate the dish you cooked. Let this simple family lunch or dinner on a weekday. If you will practice making dishes constantly, eventually you will start to do it automatically, and you will not be difficult to quickly decorate a festive table, even inventing some decorating on the go. And mashed potatoes with sausages can be submitted unusual. For example, cutting of sausages a funny dog. It takes exactly two minutes.

There are many simple options for jewelry dishes prepared in haste. For example, a flower carved from a radish, or a piece of paper made from slices of cucumber. Any salad or main dish may be decorated with a spiral of cucumber. Once you take it out a few times, you learn to do it very quickly.

To decorate the main dish by using a serving ring or a regular Cup. Tamp it in rice or mashed potatoes, quickly turn over on a plate, put the side chicken or fish, and tomato and cucumber make a simple flower.

Combine meals with kitchenware and decoration

If you are interested in the decoration of dishes at home, you should have democracyby cookware set with a minimum of decoration. For the design of the dishes best suited plates without any ornament. Don’t believe? Try to compare: put the dish in painted plate, and next put the same food in solid containers. In the first meal and it looks like now, imagine if it was decorated. Dishes for decoration better to put in a solid plate.

Remember and a few basic combinations. Pot roast looks great with decorations made of boiled or fresh vegetables (beets, turnips, potatoes, carrots), fish and poultry blended with the outfit of citrus (mostly lemons), of which you can do the butterfly or baskets. Whole baked chicken or a duck can be decorated with hedgehogs from apples. Apple need to be peeled, cut into two pieces, remove the core. In each half, insert the “needles” of cloves or nuts (almonds or peanuts). The snout of the hedgehog can be made of prunes. Fish also can be decorated with olives, herbs. If you want to submit a dish with sauce (meat or fish), do not use lettuce and herbs from the sauce it gets wet and will look unattractive.

Use tools to design courses

So the decorations were nice and neat, use special tools, which you can buy in the store utensils. Not too many of them, but to decorate the dish, having for this purpose special devices, much faster and more enjoyable. Kitchen shears and a ball-cutter, there are probably in every home. You still need several knives: great knife is needed for cutting large fruit, for jewelry work need a small knife with a rounded end, also need a special knife to remove peel. With its help it is possible not only to quickly remove the peel from lemons and oranges, but to make a wavy decoration of vegetables and fruits. Be sure to purchase “Parisian spoon” — so, make balls of ice cream in the cafe, but much stronger. It will help to make balls from the pulp of vegetables or fruit. The handle of the spoons resembles the handle of the scissors, instead of cutting a hemisphere in stainless steel. The dimensions of this hemisphere varies from a few millimeters to several centimeters.

Please note, in special recess, which remove core from apples. They come in different shapes – stars, hearts, circles. Such notches can make a variety of shapes from fruit and vegetables. Also buy a syringe with nozzles and pastry brush. The tassel is required for the lubrication of ready meals with butter or oil, mayonnaise, sauce, water, honey, egg. So, a dish of fried meat grease with vegetable oil just before serving on the table, then the crust shines very appetizing.

Don’t over do it with color edible decoration

The art of decorating dishes with the help of vegetables and fruits called carving. Master of virtuoso carving style huge tables for a few dozen guests. For decorating dishes, they are advised to use either fresh food or heat treatment which was minimal. The decoration was spectacular, use different color combinations, but do not overdo it with the color palette. Usually only two or three colors.

The red color will give the tomatoes, peppers, pomegranate seeds. Green color can be obtained from cucumbers, dill and parsley, lettuce, spinach, Basil. By the way, using greens can make an unusual sauce. The leaves of dill, parsley, Basil can be ground in a blender and mix with sour cream or mayonnaise. Yellow and orange add citrus, and for experiments with white color use boiled eggs, potatoes, turnips, cabbage stalk.

Not worth buying synthetic dyes, even if the label on the packaging that States that they are suitable for the decoration of dishes. If you want to give different color to the product, use spices or juice vegetables. Paprika, saffron, turmeric, spinach juice, beet juice, pomegranate juice, curry experiment with them, and your dish will become not only an original color, but also a delicious fragrance.

Decorate meals on time

In advance, you can decorate cold dishes – meat or cheeses, canapés. After registration they can be put in the fridge, covered with a lid or cling film, then the dishes will not lose color and not weather-beaten. Hot dishes that decorate just before serving on the table require a certain level of skill or prior training products for registration. After all, you have to decorate the dish while it’s still not cooled down. Therefore, pre-make roses out of turnips or beets, sliced lemons or oranges. By the way, if you have prepared extra decoration, and it is not useful, do not rush to throw a chic flower made of beets, boiled potatoes or turnips. Decorate the dish next time. Tomorrow, for example. Products fresh vegetables can be put in water and put it in the refrigerator. When cooking decor you used cooked vegetables – put them in the water they were boiled in, and place in the refrigerator. Products from the beet perfectly preserved in wine vinegar. They don’t lose their tone and color.

To cook a delicious dish is only half the battle. If you master the dishes you will make a splash among your guests or family members. Who knows, maybe you’ll so captivate the carving that you will become a true virtuoso of decorating.

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