The most expensive U.S. restaurants

As you visit expensive restaurants? And how expensive they are? We offer you to compare the cost of the evening in a place that you love to visit, with prices operating in the most expensive institutions in the USA. Price quoted is per person, and, excluding alcoholic beverages.

1) the restaurant “Masa” in new York

A small restaurant with 26th places for visitors is the most expensive in the country. The cost of the evening in the school per visitor is about $350-500 without alcohol. Want to bring a bottle of red to save? Well, it is quite possible. In the institution of the so-called “tax on the tube”, which is equal to 75 US dollars per bottle excluding the cost of alcoholic beverage. The menu changes frequently, regulars are only seafood. Their in restaurant menu about 20. All the seafood used for cooking, are shipped from Japan.

The chef of the restaurant Achatz Grant (Grant Achatz) – a famous chef of modern times. Visitors can choose several different dishes, including 24 mini-dishes, preparation of which may occur for five hours. Since the opening, “Alinea” has become very popular in certain circles. The value of average portions of food per person is $192.

A well-known restaurant, the kind of place that is booked for two months. Dinner for one guest includes 5-9 dishes. In their ciclovida oysters and lobster. The average price for dinner is $175.

Live music, vegetables grown without the use of fertilizers and pesticides, – all this made the restaurant quite popular. Dinner here will cost you around $150, including alcohol.

The restaurant “Le Bec-Fin” recently celebrated its 35th anniversary. Dinner at the school includes three meals that will cost you about $138. The restaurant is famous for its cocktails based on liqueur, one of the best in the world.

The school operates since 1978. The decor of the restaurant is decorated in a relaxed “homey” style. It is cozy, comfortable and very relaxed. The bread is home made, and from grains that are grown without the use of chemicals. The price for dinner from several dishes fixed is about $138.

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