The most expensive dishes in the world.

It turns out that in the world there are dishes that don’t just have to be a gourmet. In order to try them, you need to have a very fat wallet.

The most expensive dessert-ice cream in the world can be enjoyed in the new York luxury restaurant Serendipity, if there is extra 25 thousand dollars. Added in ice cream no less, but 25 different varieties of cocoa and ornament thereto serve whipped cream. Among other things, in ice cream add slices of edible gold. The world’s most expensive dessert

A warning about the desire to try this dessert is made in advance. Dessert-ice cream served in a special dish: a glass with a spoon, decorated with diamonds and gold border, which after visiting the restaurant you can take home with them.

The price of the most expensive of the pizzas is just over 8 thousand euros. It is sold in the Italian town of Agropoli and produced in front of the client. The most expensive pizza in the world

On this page you can request two chefs go and cook a tasty dish. Used for stuffing caviar tuna, mozzarella Buffalo, red lobster meat, shrimp and lobster. All the stuffing and pour a cognac Louis XIII. Salt in pizza is also difficult – the Australian brand pink.

The most durastain in the world the sandwich is “Platinum sandwich” price of $ 200,selling network “von Essen.” The world’s most expensive sandwich

For making sandwiches using a special bread and toppings are: chicken Bresse fowl, Iberian ham, white truffles, dried Italian tomatoes and quail eggs.

The most expensive omelet in the world can eat in new York city in a luxurious restaurant in the hotel Parker Meridien. The world’s most expensive omelette

Its price is $ 1000. Besides eggs, it includes whole lobsters. The dish is served with fried potatoes and decorated with sevruga caviar.

Taste the world’s most expensive salad named Florette Sea&Earth is served in the restaurant of a hotel in Oxford. The ingredients of the salad are white caviar “Almas”, Cornish crab, crayfish and lobster. In addition to them in the salad include: asparagus, grated truffles, salad and young potatoes, and a salad decoration is gold foil. This is an exclusive designer dish 635 pounds.

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