The most expensive dishes in the world

Food can be expensive and very expensive. As you potatoes price of 500 euros per kilo? And the mushrooms at $ 1000 apiece? These products are included in the list of the most expensive dishes in the world. What explains such a cost? First of all their uniqueness. Judge for yourself.

This dish is somewhat different from the familiar to the Russians early. The most expensive dumplings in the world you will find and be able to try the restaurant “Golden Gates” in the Bronx, new York. Part of a unique blue ravioli is tender veal, salmon, pork and filet fish-the torch that lives at great depth. This fillet has a high concentration of iron, so the dumplings become like this specific blue color.

These rare nuts were once a common food of Australian aborigines, but now are very expensive and are rare. The high cost of macadamia explained by the fact that the trees, which is the fruit of this nut need special care. Therefore, the production of macadamia is only 40 tons per year worldwide. 1 kilogram rare walnut costs 30 dollars, and dishes prepared with the addition of macadamia extremely expensive.

Saffron has always been the most expensive of all spices. In ancient times, for just potatoe spices you could give a Arabian horse. Saffron, in fact, it is the smallest of stamens the flowers of the plant. In one kilogram of saffron, about half a million stamens of this plant. Therefore, a kilogram of saffron costs about six thousand dollars.

These mushrooms grow exclusively in Northern Italy. Unknown the price of one kilogram of this rare product, because each truffle is sold separately. A single truffle costs about a thousand dollars apiece.

Marbled beef

This is the meat of cows, Wagyu. These animals are surrounded by the best of conditions, they are fed the best aromatic herbs that give beer and even sake. For a long time these cows bred only in Japan, but now Wagyu in Australia. 200 grams of marbled beef in the restaurants of Europe costs about a hundred dollars. And sometimes the cost rises to thousands of dollars.

This variety of potato grows only on the island Normate. It is picked exclusively by hand. One kilogram of such potatoes costs 500 euros. This variety has a particularly soft taste.


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