The most exotic types of salt

What kind of salt we are used to seeing on the shelves of shops and supermarkets? Sodium chloride, iodized, sea, Extras and a few not so common species here, perhaps, and all.

But in different countries there is a huge variety of different types of salt, each of which has found wide use, both in cooking and in medicine and cosmetology. Offer get acquainted with the most famous of them.

Usually all uncommon and rare in cooking is expensive, and exotic types of salt is no exception. Some use in the preparation of delicious desserts or salads, while others served separately as a condiment or spice to a certain dish. The latter, for example, refers Papuan black salt – a distant relative of our black salt. Expensive restaurants offer it as a seasoning for exotic dishes. Its production technology is: going washed up on the beach and soaked in salt water the timber is burnt and the ash is the very delicious black salt.

The famous Japanese sea salt with Fleur de Sel (“Flower of the sea”) is considered one of the best and most expensive varieties of salt. Use it in salads with fresh vegetables, grilled fish in the best restaurants of the world. With the addition of this salt prefer to create their culinary masterpieces by the best chefs. Fleur de Sel is very expensive – forty pounds of coarse untreated salt turns out only half a kilo of delicious Fleur de Sel.

Even more unusual salt – Fume de sel . It is produced by cold-smoked over wood from barrels of wine Chardonnay. Salt has a very delicate smoky flavour with a subtle, subtle, hints of Chardonnay wines. Added to salads and stewed vegetables.

No less popular in the “high” cooking Filipino Ilocano salt and Sugpo Azin Azin . Ilocano Azin is produced only in the province of Pangasinan, is a fresh, clean flavor that can enhance the taste of any product. Sugpo Azin has a distinct shrimp taste so it is perfect for cooking seafood.

In delicacies from the chocolate adds a vintage Merlot salt . The idea to create salt gourmet viparis her red wine giving it an unusual taste and aroma, originated in France, but the main manufacturer and supplier of steel USA. Purple-pink salt with exquisite aroma has become very popular in the author’s famous culinary masters culinary art. In addition to the delicacies of chocolate, salt, Merlot and perfectly complement the taste of seafood or meat steak.

Cyprus Bay salt has the texture of flakes and smoky color, which is given by the admixture of activated carbon. Ideal for marine fish with white meat.

The definition of “white death”, which he called salt, the adherents of a healthy diet cannot be attributed to Himalayan pink salt . From ordinary salt, it differs in not only color, but also the amount of mineral elements, the number of which reaches 84: almost the same as in the human body. Millions of years ago in the North-East of Pakistan, at a distance of about 200 km from the Himalayas there was the sea, which after drying left a ton of salt. Due to volcanic processes salt gradually mix with the magma, which gave her a special pink color and unique composition. A piece of Himalayan salt can cook a steak or some eggs right on the pan. Simply drizzle it with oil and put on fire.

Salt Chile Verde – an indispensable attribute of Mexican cuisine with the spicy flavor of green chili pepper. Nevertheless, the Chile Verde is widely used in cooking, it is added to chocolate desserts.

Hawaiian pink sea salt “Alaea” salt is considered as universal, suitable for all dishes and desserts. The color pink attach to the oxides of iron contained in volcanic pink clay with which the salt is mixed. Salt is very hard and long dissolves.

This is not a complete list of exotic and gourmet salts known to man and has found application in cookery, and in medicine, and in SPAS.

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