The most exotic fruits

The most exotic fruits in the summer can be used for cocktails. Beach party they will fall by the way: to stimulate the vital energy to have enough strength to walk all night. Recipes of exotic dishes. including cocktails – a great opportunity to take care of their figure. So, before surprise guests, will look, what supplements you can use in the Wellness drinks. Are there any new fruits, which will help you deal with stress?

Traditions of exotic countries

The exotic fruits only for Russians are exotic. Where they were “born”, food and drinks are considered the traditional recipes of beauty. Cocktails can give women the beauty, health and youthfulness. Most importantly, make the right choice and not to trust advertising. Better to make cocktails yourself.

With uninhabited Islands

The top three most exotic fruits are “marine plants”: an exotic fruit from Thailand, mangosteen, Noni juice from the Islands of Polynesia, extract of seaweed. These plants have become the most used for preparation of refreshing drinks. How to combine these exotic supplements, tonics different from other fillers?

Mango, papaya and Lima

To prepare the cocktail of most of these ekzoticheskaya need to take mashed papaya and mango and give the cocktail salty accent of the ocean depths with the help of Lima – brown seaweed. If you drink this cocktail on a daily basis, taking 60-120 g Lima, you can improve your health. Strengthens the immune system, improves sleep, increases vitality, normalizes cholesterol levels and blood sugar.

As research scientists, to Lima was found a substance called fucoidan that has anti-virus effect. This substance has a positive effect on the body atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases by blocking activation of the proteins. Brown algae are very popular in Japan. The Japanese refer to their kombu, which can be added not only in cocktails, but also food, for example fish or meat.

Mangosteen, berries and fruits

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit ostrolecki. You can grind puree with Apple or peach, grapes, diluting any berry juice. To apply for 30-90 grams per day for the recovery of the immune system, elasticity of joints, protection from free radicals and to maintain a positive mood.

Research scientists say the fruit contains substances xanthones, which are antioxidants. They have antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. Xanthones contained in the mangosteen rind, inhibit certain types of cancer cells. In tropical countries mangosteen is widely used for cooking of various dishes: it is used both fresh and in dried form. Only important to eat it with the peel, which concentrates all the nutrients. Or another option is to go to Thailand and bring these amazing fruit.

Noni, blueberry juice, blueberries and grapes

Yellowish-white Noni fruit has a strange smell of cheese. To soften in the preparation of the cocktail is added to grape juice, blueberries or blackberries. If you apply every day for about 30 grams of this fruit, you can improve your digestion, improve physical strength, clarity of thought, to make skin clean and radiant.

But scientists claim that immature fruits islanders of the Pacific used for healing of wounds, headaches, fevers, burns. Noni has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Noni juice is not just an interesting ingredient, but a medicinal plant that will produce valuable fruit in the daily menu. Importantly, when the processing method used was dry-frozen, which preserves the nutrients that are contained in it.

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