The most delicious salad recipes for the holiday

Salad “Caesar” with chicken

Long ago in the past sunk the tradition of preparing salads for a holiday in huge quantities. This is the appetizer, not the main course. Make a few different salads in small bowls or portions of the bowls, by the way, you can use cream.

Simple recipes of delicious salads for the holiday collects every woman to create a festive mood and pamper your loved ones “delicious.” The best salads for the holiday thought out in advance, thoroughly tested, and then they made adjustments and additions. If you want a festive table was delicious, beautiful and original, study this section and decide what salad to prepare for the holiday. As they say, all the salads are good, choose on taste!

The delicious salad recipes to celebrate a diversity of ingredients, complex culinary processing of products and a spectacular design. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to remember the culinary traditions of the past. Photo of the best salads for the holiday can be found in the family albums of our parents, grandparents, and it’s not just the well-known “Olivier”, “fur Coat”, “Mimosa” vinaigrette. Simple salads for the feast, the recipes of which have not kept secret can be seen in footage of old Soviet films,evoking nostalgia for a bygone era. Sometimes you want for a change to cook on a festive table salad “Winter” or “Capital”, salad with meat or mushrooms. Best salad recipes for the holiday become a classic and relevant at all times.

For those who are tired of the usual food and wants to prepare new salads for the holiday, we recommend you carefully review our section, which publishes only proven recipes of delicious salads for the holiday from professionals. Here you will find unusual salad “Hat” with ham, mushrooms and crackers, salad with roasted fennel and grapefruit salad with salmon, spinach and mushrooms, as well as an appetizer with chicken and raisins. You can choose high-calorie or light salads on holiday – it all depends on the composition of the other dishes and culinary preferences of the participants in the celebration. Willing to take a chance and put on the table a dish with exotic and tasty salads (on holiday, decided to surprise each other), you can try the recipe with smoked pork, eggs, kiwi and feta cheese or mix the chicken with persimmon, Apple and cedar oil. Prepare delicious salads for the holiday and not be afraid to experiment!

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