The idea of delicious for barbecue and grill

During the holidays everyone wants to relax and get some fresh air somewhere far from the city bustle and noisy roads. A trip to the countryside or to the cottage is one of the best options of fun. This can not only enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of nature, but also to taste delicious dishes. If you are tired of every time fry, and you want diversity, this article is for you.

You can bring them into the house electric grill is definitely, if you have electricity. This household appliance you can prepare tasty dishes.The bread with garlic and herbs. A long thin loaf (such as French baguette) carefully cut crosswise into thick slices, not dorezaya to the end. In between use a teaspoon to evenly spread a mixture of softened butter, garlic, chopped herbs and salt. Then wrap the loaf in aluminum foil and place on grate of grill. The cooking time is only a few minutes.

Baked mushrooms. Mushrooms (preferably champignons) carefully lay the hat down on the electric grill, add salt to taste and bake on one side for 10-11 minutes. Then remove to a plate, trying not to squeeze out the juice, sit down at the table enjoy the taste of this delicious dish. This way you can bake any vegetables.

Smoked shpikachki. This dish is a great alternative to kebabs. They are prepared only 5-8 minutes, but the taste is no worse than a traditional barbecue. If desired, shpikachki can be pickled (as well as the meat for the barbecue) and cook together with tomatoes, onions, zucchini or pepper, distributed evenly on skewers.

Succulent steaks. This dish is cooked very quickly, because the meat does not require any special training. Enough season with salt and pepper (you can sprinkle in other spices). Then the meat is placed in the grate of the grill barbecue. Don’t forget to turn the steak so that it is not burnt.

Tender fish. Try freshly grilled fish caught in the nearby river. Its meat will be special, with smoke. Can pre-grease the fish with mayonnaise or promarinovatsya it in onion juice.

The holiday cottage is always enjoyable and interesting, if customers are fed. But to cook kebabs every time is simply impossible. First, due to the cost of natural meat, and secondly, the time of cooking is quite long, and, thirdly, they may simply get bored. So don’t be afraid to show imagination and to prepare an extraordinary gourmet cuisine. After all, if the dish is cooked, it will definitely appeal to all who will taste it.

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