The fastest and light fare

We always welcome guests, but what to do if they are going to descend literally in half an hour, and you have in the fridge though and is full of products, but absolutely no time to prepare?

In this case, the perfect solution will be the most quick and easy snacks, recipes which we offer. They can be served on crackers, tartlets, or chips, and rest assured that you will not strike in a dirt the person – such a tasty, piquant and original snacks will raise your credibility a wonderful and creative hostess at an unattainable height!

• If you will treat your guests with a light wine, it is more suitable cheese with a delicate taste, but if the wine is strong, the cheese should be more acute.

• Snacks served on chips must be sliced very finely.

• If you will submit the quick and easy snacks on the chips, the dressing should be added just before serving otherwise the chips will get soggy.

The fastest and snacks preferably with cherry tomatoes and different pasty fillings, e.g. cottage cheese, soft avocado, cheese – cottage cheese or regular.

The idea of a quick snack No. 1

A soft avocado will shred in a blender, adding a little lemon juice. The resulting paste is spread with a spoon or pastry syringe on saltine crackers,each cracker to decorate the top with cherry tomato half.

The idea of a quick snack No. 2

For preparing quick snacks are great products. For example, you can boil the sausages, cut them lengthwise and fill with grated cheese with herbs and spices; then place in the microwave for a few minutes until the cheese melts.

The idea of a quick snack № 3

For light vegetable snacks perfect Foundation will be a bell pepper. It is necessary to cut wide longitudinal strips, filling low-fat cottage cheese, pre-mixed with salt and garlic, and put on top of the olive tree.

The idea of a quick snack № 4

If you can find boiled beets, you can cook delicious snacks in Georgian under the name Phal. For this purpose the beets you need to cut with a fork, add pre-fried crushed walnuts, garlic, salt and pepper. You can also add some finely chopped cilantro to give more Georgian colors, but do not forget that cilantro is quite a specific taste. From the resulting mass to form balls or pellets.

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