Snack to whiskey different varieties

It is widely believed that no snack is not suitable for whiskey, and this noble beverage should be drunk either in pure form or diluted in a certain amount of water or ice. Disputes do not cease until now, and, admittedly, even the home of this wonderful drink, in Ireland and Scotland, there are many fans of the drink whiskey. In addition, there is a truly huge amount of food, which perfectly combines with whiskey.

Japanese and French eating sushi whiskey

It is not surprising that the taste preferences of people depend mainly on the region where they live. For example, the Japanese traditional snack to whiskey is sushi. Not far behind them and the French, who love to indulge in seafood, which is in keeping with Scotch whisky.

In Germany and Italy snack to whiskey meat

In Germany combine an alcoholic drink with meats, particularly sausages. In Italy often as a snack with whiskey served lasagna.

It is not recommended to eat cheese whisky, as it can dramatically change or altogether to score its taste. However, if you do decide on a cheese plate, use unsalted cheeses.

What to eat different varieties of whiskey

Single malt whiskey goes well with light autumn salads. You can, for example Americans, to put on the table fruit and chocolate cake or pudding– and it will be a great snack to whiskey. And more enjoyable option than to eat grapes and whiskey is hard to find.

Perfect variety of tarts, small cakes, canapés, fish on skewers, that is quite traditional snacks. Here you can add and mini-kebabs on sticks. However, perhaps this set of dishes is more suitable for tasting.

To oily whisky no harm would be nuts. Also good option would be a meat dish with mushroom sauce.

Aged whiskey with hints of fruit goes perfectly with grilled chicken. By the way, grilled food is generally well-suited to this alcoholic beverage and it will be a good snack to whiskey.

Regardless of what snack whiskey has decided you should remember one simple rule: it has to be drunk in one gulp. In this case, it becomes absolutely no matter how exquisite was the food and drink. The taste will still be lost.

And yet, if you are still lost in conjectures, than zakusyvat whiskey, try, on the advice of the Scots, dilute it with ordinary water.

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