Remains under the cap

The word “cocktail” comes from the English cocktail. It’s simple, as we hear in English, and speak English. But with the origins of English words more difficult. We know two options, the first is from a literal translation of “cock tail” — rooster tail, the name could settle down because of various colors in cocktails. But still, the second option seems more interesting: the English phrase “cock tailings” is translated as “remains under the cap”, as well as for making most cocktails use a small amount of different drinks, is the origin of the name makes sense.

Today, perhaps, even the most seasoned bartenders will not be able to tell how many there are cocktails in the world. But every self-respecting bartender is sure to have a list of their favorite blends. Here and the bartender Kiev pub Violas Oksana has shared with us several recipes for “residue under the cap”.

Let’s start with a description of the methods of mixing cocktails. There are just four main ways of mixing: build, stir, shake and blend.

Build (build) — the cocktail is mixed directly in the glass. This method is used for cocktails that consist of legkodelimae components. The ingredients are prepared beforehand, and then in accordance with the recipe is poured in a glass, if necessary, stir, decorate and serve immediately.

Shake (shake) — very charismatic method of preparing cocktails. Used to mix ingredients of very different density. This method requires a special instrument — the shaker. There are two main options of shakers: the Boston and the cobbler. Boston consists of two closely adjacent to each other parts, one of which is metal, and the second glass. The cobbler has a more complex structure — it consists of three parts and has a built-in strainer (the strainer is special).

Stir (stir) — the cocktail is made in a glass-mixer. This can be a glass or metal Cup, which mixes and simultaneously cools the ingredients.

Blend (blend) — perhaps the most ancient method of preparing cocktails. Used for cocktails with lots of ice or fruit that gives the drink a special airiness and makes the most beautiful froth.

Shot “the Black monk”
Sambuca 20 ml;
White rum — 20 ml;
Kahlua — 20 ml.
Method of preparation: build.

First, a third pour Kahlua

Sambuca then, using a bar spoon so that the ingredients do not mix

You can (optionally) add a drop of lemon fresh

Carefully pour a final layer of Black rum

“The black monk” is ready!

Shot “American pie”
Apple liqueur — 20 ml;
Lemon fresh 20 ml;
Absinthe 20 ml.
Method of preparation: build.

Carefully pour the ingredients using a bar spoon
Long “surf Foam”
Gin — 50 ml;
Malibu 25 ml;
Pineapple juice — 150 ml;
Blue Curacao — 25 ml.
Method of preparation: shake.

In a shaker pour the ingredients

Then in a glass put ice cubes, and poured the mixture on top of the shaker

Decorate the cocktail with orange slice and sprig of mint

Long “Fruity aroma”
Blue Curacao — 30 ml;
Melon liqueur — 30 ml;
Cointreau — 30 ml;
Grenadine — 10 ml;
Lemon juice — 10 ml;
Pineapple juice -10 ml.
Method of preparation: shake.
Decorated with a slice of orange and cocktail cherry

Long “Meylan”
Tequila – 50 ml;
Melon liqueur — 25 ml;
Peach juice — 25 ml;
Pineapple juice — 150 ml.
Method of preparation — shake.

Decorated with round slices of lime and lemon

Several recommendations Oksana to mix spirits in cocktails:
Vermouth go well with orange juice or Apple juice;
Campari — orange, grapefruit juice or tonic;
Malibu with Apple cider, pineapple juice or milk;
Rum — with Cola or lemon juice;
Tequila with sprite, orange juice or grenadine;
Whiskey with Cola, Apple or cherry juice;
Sambuca — with peach juice or peach liqueur.

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