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I want to share the delicious joy with all who have a desire to cook delicious and healthy dishes. We present a unique collection of recipes with photos of Dishes of the Peoples of the World. All recipes salads, first and second courses, desserts and drinks, fish dishes and recipes for children contain Photos and very easy to prepare. Acquainted with recipes of different Nations, will enrich your dining table, you will be able to cook a new dish every day, the only question that will torment you: “and what should I cook for tomorrow?” And we are happy to advise and show.

For ease of navigation we have broken dishes, by country and by type.

First course is the “core” of each meal. Not for nothing the most nutritious of all currently known dishes are the first. Their merit is in that, with their help you can not only lose weight, but also to put in order your digestive system. Everyday consumption of soups very favorably influences the human body, just one serving of soup contains a huge number of connections, nutrients, vitamins and acids. It is generally accepted that under entrees involve a variety of soups. In this section you will find many recipes for first courses, for everyday cooking. If the preparation of the first dishes it is not only Your duty, but adorable lesson recipes first courses, provided on our site in agronomically like nothing will help You master the difficult art of cooking. After all, a true chef is required to prepare entrees, but otherwise worthless reputation.

Today a significant place in our lives take second courses, they are considered to be one of the main parts generous. They are considered an integral part of the table in many homes for quite a while, the recipes of the second dishes every day improving, becoming more diverse and tastier.

A special place main dishes in modern cookery is not discussed. This is due to the simplicity of the dishes. Agree, it’s hard to imagine a modern desktop without a couple of hot dishes. At all times, prepared in different ways such as meat, fish and vegetables painted feast. For cooking second courses, you can apply all sorts of products known to date. And many different side dishes can help you feel more full, unforgettable taste.

Saying the word “salad”, we mean the cutting of all sorts of products, whether vegetables or other food seasoned with all kinds of sauces, mayonnaise, sour cream, it all depends on your flight of fancy. Serves salads, usually, cold, do not have to be a guru of cooking, to cope with his cooking.

It is believed that the salads were treated in Ancient Rome. It was a dish of endive, greens, spiced honey, pepper, salt and vinegar. Every nation has contributed, so to speak left a mark in salads. For example, in France, added lettuce, Italian seafood, and the Germans, Czechs and Austrians could not imagine it without sausages. So you could say the recipe meat salads merit of the Bavarian countries.

Fish as food is known since time immemorial. She thrived in the rivers and lakes, seas and oceans, on the banks of which, and preferred to settle people. Fish is easily digested and contain almost the same vitamins and proteins that meat. Fish food contributes to obesity, as in fish, relatively little carbohydrates and no excess fat. Caloric content of fish is 4-5 times lower than that of animal meat. And the merits of fish oil and say nothing, because it fully absorbed by the body, supplying it with vitamins not found in other products.

Fish and seafood are tasty, healthy, amazing variety and exquisite taste. We offer you recipes of dishes from fish and seafood in General, which can make even a novice in the kitchen.

Sweet food which are called dessert should always be served at the final meal. No wonder it is the word is the French for “clear the table”. For the occasion, special dishes, characterized by elegance. Thus, directly before the appearance of the dessert on Your table should be removed all devices, including glasses and stemware.

Desserts cooking will not take You much time, especially easy dessert recipes provided on our website. Desserts with Pictures will help You to find the correct decoration. Simple desserts fight hunger, and most importantly – improve the mood.

Now, when many are paying more attention to a healthy lifestyle, vegetarian cuisine is becoming more popular because it is the most attractive way to provide yourself with a highly nutritious and healthy food. Vegetarian cuisine is an amazing collection of recipes based on non-standard combination of fresh vegetables and fruits, pasta, rice and other cereals, eggs and cheeses. Section contains recipes for vegans, and just for lovers of food without meat.

Many of the recipes are versions of the substitute for cream and cheese with low fat content, butter is offered to use where, according to the author, it really largely depends on the taste of the dish. However, some very high-calorie dishes included in the collection for those who allow themselves from time to time to make an exception from strict vegetarian rules. The recipes represent the culinary traditions of different parts of the world, this truly international sample. Our site offers a wide range of recipes, from warming winter soups and elegant-looking appetizers, meals for dinner and a light snack or salads to gourmet dishes for a dinner party or, on the contrary, the most innocent, the children’s puddings.

All the recipes contained in the site Recipes Vkusnyashek, has many coloured illustrations and detailed, stepwise description of the process of cooking, which makes our website the coveted “Handbook” of every vegetarian that wants to diversify your menu. When you plan your meals based recipes outlined here, you will be able to secure a well-balanced and healthy diet; you will be a pleasure and eat vegetarian food and cook it.

Food for children should be a joy, but it is important that from an early age they learned to find pleasure in fresh and wholesome food. This goal can be easily achieved if the most ordinary dishes to complete and submit an unusual way. For sure your children will show interest in a dish, cut in the shape of animals, numbers, letters. I love children and the food that you eat with your hands pizza, pita, corn.

A healthy diet is mainly characterized by balanced composition of its components, which should be full and natural, tasty and at the same time containing all the necessary growth substances. Children are able to enjoy the food and the food must bring pleasure to them. Accustom them to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables: it’s easy, children attracted by their bright colors. They offer a wide selection of exotic fruits, interest them in a new form, a new taste. Many fruits and vegetables are easily cut into pieces of any size according to the age of your child: Apple slices, carrot sticks, cucumber slices is a great snack for a child of any age

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