Recipes for weight loss every day

Cellulite, extra kilos and inches on hips, waist and buttocks, from which I want as soon as possible to get rid of – these phenomena can be a lot of trouble any woman, ranging from problems in your personal life and ending with different concomitant diseases.

To maintain your body in the form of girls are often in search of the perfect diet – a methodology that would allow them to be always slim, beautiful and healthy. Recipes for weight loss today are public, but there is also an element of negativity. The number of the existing methods of weight loss has long exceeded all imaginable limits, in this sea of information can be very difficult to find a really effective way to lose weight.

Recipes for weight loss

The authors of different methods of weight loss and we offer diets the signs of the Zodiac, and blood type, as well as herbal, cottage cheese, kefir, rice, applesauce and who knows what other diets. Actually very difficult to determine whether a certain procedure actually designed by a professional nutritionist or this popular method. Because to write on the Internet can be anything, but the experiments You’ll have to put on their own health, we recommend You to check all used information concerning diet in reliable sources, and it is always better to consult a doctor that You trust, before the start of the diet.

Remember,incorrectly dropped pounds can come back in even greater numbers, bringing You more trouble. In addition, dieting should not Rob You of the joy and pleasure derived from food.

In each technique for losing weight should be permitted at least some diversity, otherwise Your stomach simply will not tolerate bullying on themselves and make you suffer Your entire body.

We will review some delicious and healthy dishes, which, if properly used, will help to reduce Your body weight.

Coffee yogurt

Products such as chocolate and coffee seldom get recipes for weight loss, however, for cooking diet “coffee yogurt” You’ll need a couple of good spoons of dark chocolate, 100 ml of brewed coffee and 300-400 ml of yogurt. You should not choose low-fat yogurt, for optimal use is yoghurt low fat, but not nonfat. Mix three ingredients, and sprinkle with grated almonds (optional). Delicious and healthy “coffee yogurt” contributes to the rapid deposition of fat in the body and accelerates the process of metabolism. The combination of chocolate and almond helps to normalize the cardio-vascular system, so “coffee yogurt” is a healthy mix anyway.

Sandwich with salmon

To prepare a diet sandwich You need two slices of brown bread, a little cream cheese, lettuce and two slices of smoked salmon. On the bread put the lettuce and the fish, then spread a thin layer of cream cheese and cover with second slice of bread. Instead of lettuce in a sandwich can sometimes add slices of fresh cucumber – it will make in Your diet diversity. Another advantage of the sandwich is that the body gets the vital fiber from wholemeal bread, a rare omega-3 acid from salmon and linoleic acid from cheese. This combination will have a positive impact on the General state of Your body and will help You to follow a diet with great enthusiasm.

There are other delicious options for weight loss – for example, homemade recipes for weight loss “granola with cherries”, special teas for weight loss and other healthy and tasty solution for getting rid of extra pounds. Choose your recipe and get pleasure from each and every day even when dieting!

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