Quick appetizer-the sauce from the beans

A simple and delicious appetizer or sauce from the beans (to name and can be used in two versions) is quite basic and very quick recipe. Especially if you use canned beans in cans. However, I want to warn — many legumes, especially imported ones, are dangerous GM product (see “Products with GMOs in Russia” ), so if you decide to use canned beans — try to buy domestic. I prefer to boil the beans grown in the country.

Note that a appetizer or sauce are not only delicious, but also useful. Beans have great nutritional value and long shelf life. The composition of the beans include: starch, digestible protein, superior nutritional value, many varieties of fish and meat, carbohydrates, amino acids, carotene, almost all vitamins (A, K, E, B1, B2, PP, B6, C) and minerals (Ca, Fe, K, Cu, Zn, S). In addition, the protein contained in beans is digested by the human body by 70-80%.

Nutritionists refer bean to one of the 10 most useful products for human health. If canning, heat treatment and freezing beans retains all its useful qualities.

So let’s use this wonderful product itself in Blagoi cook beans easy and healthy dish.

What to cook beans

In summer the sauce from the beans can to set the table — it will be spicy and hearty complement to a crispy fresh vegetables that can nicely cut the same strips and serve them with the sauce. If you are going on a picnic or on the threshold of the guests — this is perfect! In the winter the opportunity is limited, and the sauce can be used as a delicious gravy for buckwheat porridge, pasta or just serve with bread diet.

Ingredients: beans canned in its own juice — 1 Bank or boiled beans (that’s what I used) — about 1.5 cups garlic — 2 cloves, onion — 1 PC. frying oil, dried Basil — pinch salt and pepper to taste.

Preparation: finely chop the onion and garlic and fry them in the pan a couple of minutes until soft, then add a pinch of dried Basil. Spread on a pan of beans. If canned, along with half of the liquid from the jar, but if cooked — then add half a Cup of liquid from the pan where cooked beans. A little sprinkle with salt and pepper and, stirring well, simmer all this for about 3 minutes.

Allow to cool a little, and then put bean mixture into a blender and grind until smooth. If you decide to use this mixture as a paste of beans as an appetizer, then maybe you will be satisfied with the resulting thickish consistency. If you need the sauce. how do I in this situation, you need to add liquid from a can or broth from the beans and bring the sauce from the beans to the desired density by adjusting its amount of added liquid.

Put the mass into a gravy boat and enjoy!

By the way, not everyone, first tried the bean dip, can immediately determine, from what he cooked. My husband decided that from mushrooms: taste of the sauce can be different depending on the varieties of beans, as they are not enough.

Also I note that long ago abandoned the use of refined vegetable oil for frying (see “The harm of refined oil” ) — this product food has a very distant relationship — it helps to become familiar with the technology of its production. So is fried in pork fat, which is a 100% natural product. You can also use melted butter, but it is made by melting the butter, most overdue and also questionable quality.

I hope that such a simple sauce of beans or a quick snack will be a great useful addition to your table. time to cook out a bit, and use the beans is undeniable.

Bon appetit and stay healthy! How about the recipe? Let’s share experiences and their secrets and recipes!

Watch a video about the benefits of beans!

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