National cuisine in South Africa

The culture of South Africa is reflected in the cooking traditions of this region. A variety of national features of cuisine of Africa is the result of mixing a huge number of culinary traditions from around the world. Kebab and homemade sausages, porridge made of corn flour and shebu (liquid vegetable seasoning), binyani (marinated chicken with spices in a pot), biltong (dried meat), chilli-bites (barbecue) and many other dishes make the cuisine of South Africa is one of the most exotic and diverse in the world. There is an abundance of Greek, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican and Portuguese restaurants.

Traditional dishes

In many homes the traditional South African dish is a roast cooked on an open fire – braaivleis.

Also in South Africa, you can meet with other national dishes:

Biltong – sliced cured beef, venison or ostrich meat.

Chilli-bites – spicy.

Sosaties – skewered by South African.

Boerwors – spicy homemade sausages.

Pap – maize porridge.

Shebu – liquid vegetable seasoning.

Biriyani – fish, poultry or meat in pot with vegetables and rice.

In South Africa many restaurants serving traditional African cuisine.

Exotic dishes

Mashonzha – the caterpillars living on the mopani trees. They, of course,a little stringy, but if they are cooked with red peppers (ask the chef to put the peanut), the dish will turn out quite interesting.

An unforgettable impression will leave the dishes tsuku (Tshuku) – fried termites and XI Fu Fu Nu Nu (Xi Fu Fu Nu Nu) – seared in the fire of the larvae of the scarab.


In South Africa there are a large number of beautiful wineries.

Many of these farms were born during the times of the Dutch East India company (Dutch East Company). Jan van Riebeeck (Jan van Riebeeck) grew the first vine in the “company garden” (Garden Company) and seven years after landing in the Cape in 1652 wrote in his diary: “Today, with God’s blessing, the first wine made from Cape grapes.”

In our days there is a huge variety of wines: sweet, semisweet, semidry and dry; both the white and red. Among them are Riesling, Cape Riesling (Cape Riesling), Weisser Riesling (Weisser Riesling), Stein (Stein), Gewurztraminer (Gewurztraminer), Chenet Blanc (Chenin Blanc), Sauvignon Blanc (Sauvignon Blan), Colombard (Colombard), Chardonnay (Chardonnay), Muscat d Alecsandri (Muscat D’alexandrie), Semillon (Semillon), Pinot Noir (Pinot Noir), rose (Rose), Gray (Cinsaut), Merlot (Merlot), Shira (Shiraz), Pinotage (Pinotage), Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabernet Sauvignon). There are other wine – dessert wine, sparkling wines, port wines and sherry.

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