Most expensive food world

Sometimes I want to eat “something delicious”, even if it’s yummy left in your purse a hole. And although you are unlikely to try in this list the products, let’s find out how many are willing to spend the people, to appease your stomach.

Matsutake mushrooms. The rarity of these fungi raises their price to $ 1000 per pound. Matsutake or mattace from Japan and are growing in several Asian countries, but their number is significantly reduced insects that destroy trees in whose shade usually grow these mushrooms. So as a way to cultivate matsutake no, there is a possibility that they may even disappear from the face of the Earth. So who are the mushroom omelet? Expensive smurf…

The most expensive bagel. Although a healthy diet bagels are high, these muffins are pretty hearty and tasty. And inexpensive. Although this beyglu this is not the case, as he slathered cream cheese, flavoured with white truffles, Zlatolist and jam from the berries Goji. How about to eat this for Breakfast? Yes? Well, then get ready to dump it for $ 1,000 because white truffles occupy second place in the list of the most expensive in the world of commodities in terms of price/weight.

Premium Frittata. Ironically, this dish is called “frittole million”, although to try this wonder of gastronomy, will have to pay only 1000 dollars. Per serving. All because this Frittata is a dish of lobster, eggs and sevruga caviar which costs $ 65 for 30 grams. This fritatta can rightly be called one of the most expensive breakfasts in the world.

Steak of the Wagyu breed. What makes this steak so expensive (2800 us dollars), is the fact that it is made from the meat of Wagyu breed cows – those, who are made to drink beer and make massage to the meat melted in your mouth. In addition to absurdly high prices, this steak is also incredibly greasy. So if you will not stop the threat to their wallet can be a threat to their own health?

Samundari The Chazan. The dish is known as the most expensive curry in the world because it cost 3200 dollars. It was prepared on the occasion of the reception at the premiere of the film “Slumdog Millionaire” in Mumbai. Chef has collected the most expensive ingredients I could find: the white truffle, Devon crab, Beluga caviar and sprinkled it all with edible gold leaf. The result of such things gastronomic “too”.

The Pizza Royale 007. This pizza for $ 4200 was made by Domenico crolla and it’s one of the most expensive dishes in the world. 30-inch pizza you lay out the pieces of lobster marinated in cognac, caviar soaked in champagne, Scottish smoked salmon, balsamic vinegar, slow shutter, tenderloin venison, prosciutto, and on top of all this gilding of 24 carats, which can be eaten!

Watermelon, Densuke. You have probably heard about the most expensive berries, but watermelon, densuke easy wins in this price race. This is a special type of black watermelon that grows only on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Why is it so rare and expensive? Yes, because for every crop harvested only 65 watermelons. Usually they give. Good gift for 6 $ 100, don’t you think? To taste, say, like ordinary watermelon, only with a slight difference in sweetness.

Yubari melon. If you thought densuke most expensive fruit, think again, because the Yubari melon costs 22 872 dollars for two pieces, making it one of the most expensive products in the world. This expensive melon was sold at auction to the restaurant with a nautical theme.

Caviar “Almas”. If you find yourself in London and want to taste the most rare and expensive game in the world, go to “Caviar House & Prunier”. Don’t forget to bring $ 25,000 because that is the cost of the Iranian caviar. It is sold in jar of gold 999-th sample.

White truffles. Truffles the most expensive food in the world because they are very difficult to grow. That’s what makes them a delicacy and the king of all mushrooms. The most expensive truffle was a mushroom for 160,000 dollars, which is bought by one investor from Hong Kong. It weighed 1.5 kilograms. Probably the soup turned out excellent.

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