Marinated zucchini or zucchini

Zucchini can be baked, fried, stuffed with… In General, every woman, keeping in the fridge zucchini or courgette, can’t prepare one culinary masterpiece. And even make stocks for the winter — they are also pickled, and fermented… I want to share with You a recipe of flavored snacks, perfect for meat and for vegetables. Recipe quick pickled zucchini cooking is very simple. And the sharp spicy taste of crispy zucchini variety to the usual lunch or dinner. And this appetizer of marinated zucchini just begging if you are going to nature, to the kebab — that, as they say!


zucchini — 1 PC. dill — bunch; honey — 1 tsp; salt — 1 tsp; vinegar — 1 tbsp; olive oil — 5-7 tablespoons; garlic — a few cloves; pepper (black, red, Chile) — to taste.


The first thing to do is to choose the “right” kabachek or zucchini — it needs to be with a thin skin, without ripe seeds inside. Cut it into thin strips. In principle, it could be the circles — the form is not important, the main thing that the zucchini was sliced as thin as possible. That’s the secret recipe marinated zucchini noodles. Young zucchini without seeds — the key to Uspehi the taste of the dish.

In a salad bowl mix the olive oil (if desired, You can replace it with sunflower) with wine vinegar, add honey and squeeze out garlic.

Add salt and pepper mix — red, black and Chile. The choice of peppers and the number of Your taste. The sharper the snacks You love, so, consequently, add more “hot”.

Put in a salad bowl slices of courgettes or zucchini, gently mix them with the marinade and send in a cool place. If there is free space in the fridge — send a salad bowl with the zucchini in there.

If the guests are already sitting at the table — cut the zucchini thinly, for example with a vegetable peeler. Then snack “transparent” and will be ready in 20 minutes marinating. Knife so a thin cut does not work. In this case, literally after 2-3 hours it is already possible to try the appetizer of marinated zucchini ready! If you have time, you zucchini, you can send “think” all night snack will benefit from this!

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