Layered salad with mushrooms

Every housewife knows that it can’t be too many salads. Because every time I want to try to cook a new recipe, experiment. So we offer to your attention a layered salad with mushrooms. Worth a try!


onions – 2 PCs.

hard cheese

mushrooms – 300 g.

potatoes – 3 PCs.

carrots – 2 PCs.

ham or smoked sausage – 300 g




Step by step recipe

Layered salad with mushrooms can be easily cooked even for a regular dinner, as part of the salad consists of simple products. So, read step-by-step salad recipe :

To start prepare the potatoes and carrots. They need to boil, peel, and then grate on a large grater. Salad puff, so do not rush to connect the products.

The next step is the preparation of mushrooms. Traditionally fry them. If necessary, cut into smaller bites.

Ham or cooked smoked sausage cut into small strips, and then on a large grater RUB cheese.

And yet we need to marinate the onions for the salad. You can marinate in lemon acid or vinegar.

Once all products are ready, you can start putting some salad with mushrooms layers. And as always, all the layers we mayonnaise,you can also season with a little salt.

The sequence of layers – onions, potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, ham, cheese

Delicious salad with mushrooms ready!

We long been fond of meat salads in a hurry. We already know much is not enough. But that’s not even half from the abundance of salads that can be prepared without problems at home. I want to tell you another stunning recipe.

Festive table cover will help the proposed recipe is easy to prepare an interesting flavor and quite hearty salad with pork and cabbage. In “Pskov” the salad is well considered ham, cauliflower and cheese. Despite the fact that the appearance of the dishes are not different from other salads with vegetables and meat, its taste leaves a good impression.

I want to introduce you to a salad recipe, with cooking which can handle even a beginner knitter. He reminds me a little salad mushroom glade, which we represented to your attention earlier. The components of the dishes are almost the same, but each salad has its own “flavor”. So, here we go.

Salad with chicken and mushrooms is special, if you follow this step-by-step recipe. It is aesthetically decorated with festive table, does not contain excess calories and is good as a cold snack for guests.

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