Ideas of dishes from the chefs

The great fast or lent is an ancient tradition that allows you to contain the body and soul in harmony. This is not only a test of spirit, but also a wonderful occasion to be cleansed morally and physically and even lose some weight before the arrival of summer. The chefs of the best restaurants in Kiev offer ideas of creative meatless dishes

1. The Restaurant Bigoli .

The restaurant Bigoli is a special vegetarian menu. The idea of meatless dishes from the chefs of the place:

salad with cherry tomatoes, fresh arugula and roasted peppers or beetroot, mixed salad and citrus vinaigrette;

snacks: vegetables Sicilian roasted olives with cherry tomatoes, marinated artichokes, bruschetta with tomato and Basil or with roasted peppers;

soups: minestrone or Tuscan soup with beans and lentils;

side dishes: caponata Sicilian, new potatoes, roasted with porcini mushrooms, spinach with garlic;

pasta: Primavera, cherry Basil or with mushrooms;

baking: Focaccia with marinated peppers, zucchini and artichokes, Focaccia with rosemary and olive oil and vegetable pizza.

2. The Restaurant Piccolino .

The restaurant of Italian home cuisine, Piccolino at the time of Great lent has prepared for its guests a special Lenten menu is not only delicious but also healthy dishes.

Main dishes: pasta, tomatoes Basil,pasta with asparagus and pasta with eggplant and tomato sauce, risotto with spinach and polenta with porcini mushrooms.

Toppings: spinach, grilled vegetables and potatoes roasted with herbs.

3. Restaurant Touch café .

Those who observe fasting, do not have to deny yourself the pleasure to eat at pan-Asian restaurant Touch cafe. Mikhail Marchuk, chef of the establishment, invites guests to a special vegetarian menu. Interesting combination of ingredients in these dishes will not leave indifferent even those who adhere to the strict fasting. To tasting in the first place: gastronomic hit — vegetarian tacos with tofu and sweet chili sauce.

4. The Restaurant “Kazbek” .

From March 18 through may 4, guests will daily delight delicious and healthy Lenten dishes. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to taste light vegetable salad with the addition of arugula and soy tofu in a spicy pesto sauce. As well as traditional Georgian pkhali and ispanakhi, khachapuri with cabbage, potatoes and mushrooms or with spinach and mushrooms. First recommended dishes red borsch with mushrooms and red beans, buckwheat soup with chanterelles or home-made vegetable soup.

5. Restaurant “Concord”. New!

Lenten menu is distinguished by its rigor, elegance and variety. Mushrooms, potatoes, nuts, vegetables and more appears in the most unexpected gastronomic options. One of the hits Lenten menu from the restaurant “Concord” — artichokes baked with white mushrooms. The dish is served with vegetable salsa.

6. Hotel-restaurant complex “Krakow” .

7. Restaurant “KREP de Shin” .

Restaurant “KREP de Shin” is in a hurry to please their guests with new Lenten offerings. Start your day with a light vegetable salad on a bed of mix greens or with sauteed vegetables in a wheat grenke with tofu, and you will feel how the body stores this we need vital energy. In the afternoon, a wonderful choice would be cream of mushroom soup or a light vegetable soup that will complement risotto with mushrooms. And for dessert, here recommend treat yourself to homemade doughnuts with blueberry and berry puree or citrus mix with honey and mindalnye petals.

8. The Nirvana Restaurant .

The Nirvana restaurant has prepared for its guests vegetarian.

Try a light salad of avocado with mushrooms and a delicious salad with beans. At first the restaurant recommended a wonderful cream soup of white mushrooms or spinach with coconut milk. And the cabbage stewed with prunes, delicious vegetarian risotto with porcini mushrooms, tagliatelle with mushrooms and tomato salsa. For dessert — Apple, baked with dried fruits and nuts, and spicy pear with raspberry sorbet.

9. Restaurant “Non-stop” .

In the school throughout the year presents a special Lenten menu, which confirms the truth that without meat can be tasty and healthy to eat. Guests who lead a healthy lifestyle, often turn to this page. In addition, the menu is updated occasionally, pleasantly surprising the fans of healthy food interesting offers.

Restaurant “Non-stop” invites to try new products: eggplant, baked with pesto, vegetable Tian with spinach and arugula salad with spinach. They will excellently still your hunger! And a long time favorite desserts — Apple baked with honey, or chocolate-cherry cupcake — would lift the mood and delight its unique taste.

10. The Restaurant “O’panas” .

The chef of the restaurant “O’panas” recommends Lenten dishes made with organic farm products. Because these meals are the most useful. Based on the products of private farms is preparing Lenten menu, presented on March 18. In it ruddy potato-carrot cutlets, vegetable soup, borscht and other Goodies in the Ukrainian style.

11. Restaurant “Spotykach” .

The school invites you to try wonderful vegetable dishes: salad with cherry tomatoes and asparagus with honey-mustard sauce, Tartar of fresh tomato with avocado, arugula and sun-dried tomatoes, and other light and healthy vegetable dishes. The decoration of the dinner-sure to be a red vegetable soup with beans, dumplings with spinach, cabbage and mushrooms, potatoes and fried onions. In addition, there was prepared an incredibly delicious hot meals.

And to maintain the immunity offered ginger tea with citrus and mint, black tea with chamomile flowers and fresh raspberries or green with lime and tarragon.

12. The restaurant “Tyubeteyka” on Pechersk.

From meatless salads here recommend exquisite Oriental tabbouleh (parsley, couscous and tomatoes), traditional with celery, Apple and raisins, dressed with flavored oil and nuts. The first course is a soup with spinach or vegetable in the East. Meatless main dishes: potatoes with honey-mustard dressing, rice in the East, couscous with vegetables and other tasty dishes. Well, sweet and airy cheesecake with pineapple, Apple and cinnamon or dried fruit platter is a perfect dessert.

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