Food for a million

The legend about luminous dumplings

Oh dear the food in Russia very much to write – and the same lie. Say, throughout the Russian press and the surrounding roamed the list of the most expensive dishes in the world. For a long time the rating was headed by a ravioli of moose, salmon and something else, supposedly standing 4400 dollars per serving, because they added iron fish-torch, causing the ravioli Shine. Allegedly served in the restaurant “Golden gates” in the Bronx.

In Bronx the restaurant “Golden gate” is the Chinese, the most expensive dish is $ 10. Fish-torch doesn’t exist in nature, is a household name luminous anchovy, fish common and not too expensive. No glowing iron, the fish will not be lit separately from fish, especially being placed in the dumplings. And so on – would be hunting to check. So widely circulated a list of the most expensive in the world of food is either outdated, or false initially.

Pate Nightingale reed

Brief history of appetite: the most extensive and expensive meal in history was “the Shield of Minerva”, produced with Vitellii, Roman Caesar era decadence, famous for gluttony and nothing else. “The shield” this was so huge that one silver dish went hundredweight; he was from the liver of fish-the parrot, which was considered a Roman delicacy, milk shark, pheasant brains and Flamingo languages. The most expensive dish in terms of Grammostola legendary pate Nightingale reed (Nightingale’s tongue weighs 0.1 gram). This dish was offered the Consul Lucullus. However, he was lime a few thousand nightingales.

Salad for 1200 bucks

Below the reader is presented with exemplary lunch of a millionaire. Let’s start with the fact that you eat it all together, you will not be able in any restaurant in the world: even the most expensive of them, according to the calculations of Forbes, offers lunch for one (without wine – there prices are unlimited) for a maximum price of $ 370, and this restaurant – Tokyo “Aragawa”. More expensive doesn’t get wasted at all desire, except that the order of everything on ten servings. So I have to go around several cities in turn. For the most expensive snack you in Oxford, in the five-star Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons, a restaurant in a brilliant self-taught Raymond Blanc, unfinished native, discovered in 1977, his first restaurant, and in 1991 – the attendant hotel, where for the sake of the restaurant attracts chefs and foodies around the world. Salad “Sea and land” is worth about £ 600 ($1200), one serving is the most expensive mushroom in the world – the white truffle (about $ 10,000 per kilogram, but the unique giant mushrooms were sold for 150.000$), lobster, lobster, potatoes, olive oil and white 50 grams of caviar (not the caviar of Beluga-the albino, according to some, and caviar especially older belugas – its savagely mined only in Iran, is called Almas and is worth about$ 25,000 per kilo). The salad is not too hearty, the servings are small, modestly looks; restaurant critics have noted the simplicity, the freshness of the taste, absolutely in France in a cheap portside tavern. The rich have their criteria.

“Jumpy” soup of the Buddha

Further, my friends, soup. The most expensive soup in the world serves the most expensive Chinese restaurant in the world (lunch for one person – from £ 60, so 120 bucks, without wine). It’s Kai Mayfair in London at 65 South Audley Street, W1. Soup costs £ 110 and is called Buddha Jumps Over The Wall (“Buddha jumping the wall”). Restaurant critic A. A. Jill of the times this tired ate and found it to magusnet gelatinous, spicy, very complex in taste and can be divided into the ingredients. The restaurant cook, a native of Kuala Lumpur, Alex Chow, said that it is cooked by the extremely sophisticated technology, and therefore to order it for 3-4 days: one collection of ingredients. Price increases due to the ginseng, although it is on the plate is not more grams; besides him, there are sea cucumber, clam abalone, scallops, dried in a special way, and pork in various forms, including honey sales.

Marbled beef

Second, they would take beef – you already know us, it was the most expensive meat in the world (worth up to five thousand dollars a kilo; you can find cheaper, but then it would not such a marble). Is Japanese, now and Australian (Japanese cows fed beer, Australian red wine; however, the Japanese still RUB their sake). Steers must be of the Wagyu breed. Technology “Kobe” bychkovoj provides for three stages of punishment: first, walking on the lush grass of mountain pastures, then hanging without movement on the reins in a sound-proof room where they play classical music (her, I say, the product grows fat optional). At this stage the calf is fed only grain. Finally, before slaughter – only beer. All this time the bull had no pressure sores from the straps, he regularly do massage. All of these barbaric methods of feeding in other world prohibited – applies them one Japan, and therefore find marbled meat of the highest category can only be there. Australian produced without classical music, and hanging vibratory, and therefore belongs to the third category and the fourth is from 800 to 1000 euros per kilo. Frying meat is not marbled – melted streaks of fat that make up its main value; it is fried on the outside, leaving the heart raw. What is the most expensive fish in the world, it was and remains the Russian sturgeon, yielding, however, the price of marbled meat and a half times.

Gold plated ice cream with caviar

For dessert, we of Japan would move to the States – in the famous Manhattan restaurant Serendipity III. This word was included in the list of the most precious English concepts: introduced it to the English in 1754, the travel writer Horace Walpole. Serendip (“Golden island”) is the Persian name of Sri Lanka; “Serendipity” – they invented the concept of characterizing the main line residents. Was a local legend about three wandering princes, they do all sorts on the way open – but just those which wait; roughly speaking, serendipity, which became the name of the restaurant and two famous films, is the ability of a sudden, out of the blue to open wonderful; the most accurate Russian clone will be “unexpected joy”. In the Manhattan school, which opened in 1954 and adored Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol and Jackie Onassis, was first presented to the world’s most expensive dessert (a$ 1,000) – Sunday (American soft ice cream) from 5 balls of Tahitian and Madagascar vanilla (beans are delivered straight to the restaurant where they are assessed). All of this sprinkled with the thinnest leaves of gold 94-carat, world’s most expensive chocolate Amedei Porcelana and, of course, caviar. Caviar is not simple, American, special, salt-free is why it is called salt-free; some for confectionery needs not salt and zatsukrovuyut, and also anything goes. Still on top for taste flavored syrup, passion fruit and Armagnac.

If you have loose 5000$ on this dinner and the same on the flight – forward. But if after reading this review you go to the kitchen and boil a simple Russian potato ($1 per kg) or dumplings (2$ pack), we will understand and even approve.

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