Features of preparation of dishes from meat

To balance a balanced diet menu should be various meat recipes. These products are recommended in the diet due to the presence of animal protein and fat.

In addition, there are in meat extractive substances without nutritional value, but helps to better digest food. Meat dishes rich in vitamins of group B.

Frozen meat before cooking should be well washed and leave for 2-3 hours. You should not thaw product in water or a warm place. The meat of this method of defrosting, you lose quality.

To cook beef, you need to attend to right choice of this or that part of the carcass. Using tenderloin, get a great steak and beef Stroganoff. The highest quality burgers, zrazy, meatballs are prepared from the pulp rump and shanks. Interesting beef recipes can be found on paragrams.

Pork dishes have culinary benefits. Brisket is used for full of pork chops, schnitzel and kebabs. Brisket is ideal for cooking rice, because it is quite fatty. Ham are suitable for roasting large pieces. The ribs can then in pots.

Mutton is advisable to use for roast and stews. Mutton well with hot and spicy herbs.Lamb kebabs will make a tasty, if leg or back. Recipes for ground lamb ideal cervical and scapular share of the carcass.

Veal perfectly prepared grilled delicacies. For diet useful beef in boiled form. Quality veal has a pale pinkish color with a gray tint. Cooks are advised to bring the meat until done. If its bad to fry, you get an unpleasant taste.

Don’t forget about organ meats: liver, kidney, heart, tongue. Nutritional value was lower than in meat, but vitamins contain a sufficient amount of.

There is a perception that organ meats are difficult to cook. This is old information. In this case, will always help step by step recipes with Photos. For example, the liver is delicious fried and braised dishes. Beef kidney, lung and heart can be satisfying to cook with the sauce.

The meat goes well with various vegetables, cereals. Any side dish you can pick up a prescription. Meat you can create unique culinary creations that satisfy different tastes.

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