Exotic Chinese cuisine.

Plurinational state of China – is a few areas that differ not only by nature and custom but also local cuisines, different cooking methods and a set of products.

Culinary school of Guangdong-based broiling, roasting in a deep layer of oil, stewing and boiling on low heat. Guangdong cuisine is the most exotic cuisine of China. There are snakes, field mice, wild cats, dogs, seals, crocodiles, bear paws, monkey brains, bird languages.

Cooked snake is considered a special treat. For the first time dishes from the snakes began to prepare in the second century BC. In Guangdong there is a special Banquet menu from snakes that suit fall and winter (the best season for dishes made from snake meat). During these banquets served the light blue wine from snake bile – the Chinese believe that snake meat can relieve rheumatic pain, bile and strengthens the body. Very delicate toning product is obtained from the heads of poisonous snakes, and the famous dish “dragon Fighting tiger” is prepared from three kinds of poisonous snakes, wild cats and more than twenty sorts of spices. Technology of preparation of this dish involves ten transactions and ends with preparing exquisite garnishes from the leaves of a lemon tree and the petals of the chrysanthemums.

The complexity of preparation is popular dish “Roasted young pig”,which is made from esticalopram pig, soy dough grated, soy curd, sesame paste, rice vodka, minced garlic, sugar and spices and roasted on a spit. Before serving, crisp on the back of the pig is removed and is divided into thirty-two pieces, which put back the meat. Serve this dish in two steps. On first application, only eat this crisp. In the second inning the remaining skin is cut and placed on the meat to give the dish its original form. This way of serving is unique even for Chinese cooking.

Guangdong cuisine is famous for the number used in her products. At Guangdong restaurant in the old China hosted Grand banquets. The menu included more than a hundred rare dishes that were eaten in chunks for two days. For example, lips of a gorilla, bear’s paw, camel’s hump, the elephant’s trunk, bird languages, thinly sliced Heron and many others.

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