Efficiency and savings

If Yes, then you know what is making the meat shop brings a lot of inconvenience and a serious hit on the budget. After all, meat and sausage products very quickly lose their marketability. And it is therefore necessary to provide them with special conditions of storage and constantly update designs.

You no longer regularly need to spend huge money on advertising meat and sausage products. Because the food market appeared the dummies, which:

1. are exact replicas of your products

2. do not deteriorate at high temperatures

3. always have a presentable appearance

4. serve your business for many years

You can use dummy:

in the design of the cold store

for stands during promotions and tastings

in photo Shoots and when shooting movies

during the presentation of your products at exhibitions

When using models for design of cold store you will receive the following benefits:

Attracting buyers. Agree,difficult to arouse the appetite of piece of meat or a stick of sausage in the butcher shop design. And when they are sliced and beautifully arranged on a platter, involuntarily awakens the feeling of hunger.

The trust of customers. People see an exact copy of the product in full size. It is much more confidence than the edited Photo of the product in the design of the cold store.

Savings on refrigeration equipment. The use of plaster casts it is possible both at low and at high temperature. They do not freeze in the cold and do not spoil in the heat.

Savings on regular updating of meat and sausage slicing in the design of the cold store. The models always look fresh and appetizing and have a long life.

Ahead of the competition. Making a butcher with fake meat and sausage products is still in its infancy in our country. So they use it to stand out among competitors!

Plastic replicas of meat and sausage products – a profitable investment in the success of your business. You buy them once, and for years they save your advertising costs and increase your profits.

Decorate the shop window dummies a delicious meat and sausage slicing!

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