Delicious recipes from meat

The woman bears the main responsibilities, including preparation of Lunches, dinners, breakfasts. For many years accumulate a lot of recipes for cooking various dishes, but still want to surprise your family. A great way to do this is to learn new meat recipes.

Here are some recipes of very tasty dishes from minced meat. The cooking process will not make any trouble, and the result will not leave anyone indifferent. Now you do not have to stand long at the stove to prepare a delicious lunch.

1. My favorite meat dish is French meat. If correctly prepared, will not remain indifferent nobody. Very, very tasty dish. You can cook both in the oven and in the microwave.

2. Have you ever tried meat in sweet and sour sauce? Indescribably delicious, it goes perfectly with any side dish, be it potatoes, cereals or pasta. Here is the recipe of meat in sweet and sour sauce .

3. Stewed meat with potatoes. I think you tried it all. In it the meat turns out juicy, tasty and very fragrant. If you are interested, follow the link.

4. Sometimes to make a delicious familiar dish can only one new ingredient or sauce. I suggest You check socoms red currant. He so transforms the taste meat dishes that one can only wonder. Read, how to cook sauce of red currants to the meat .

5. What else can you cook meat? Of course, meatballs. It’s in the store they are sold, cooked on the classic recipe, which is already rather tired of it all. Arguing that such delicious Pozharsky cutlets You haven’t tried?

6. You want to see only meat dishes or chicken too cook? We offer you to read the article with numerous recipes dietary dishes from chicken. Replace the chicken for pork or beef are also possible.

7. And here’s the recipe pork braised with cabbage. Cooking method is not traditional, and the taste of the prepared dish will surprise You with its novelty.

8. First article I offered a recipe of meat in French with no garnish, and now You can find cooking meat in French with potatoes. which are baked in the oven together. Unspeakable!

General tips and recommendations about preparing meat for roasting, boiling, and other procedures that it turned out juicy and delicious, we have already considered.

And finally, here is the recipe for chicken kebabs at home. Discovered this dish for myself, I recently, but I think that it has every right to be here.

Chicken kebab

You need to take the chicken, then rinse thoroughly, cut into chunks. Then season with salt to taste and put it in a roasting pan glass. If no broiler, you can replace it with a roaster, a duck or even a glass jar. The chicken turns out juicy, tender and diet.

After this it must be added the seasonings: ground coriander, marjoram, cover with a lid and 30 minutes to put in preheated oven. Then you need to carefully remove from the oven roasting pan and add Bay leaf and garlic. Next you need to again put on 20 minutes the chicken in the oven. After 20 minutes the chicken is ready. Left the dish to cook a side dish. It can be an rice with peppers or mashed potatoes. That’s so simple and without much time spending, you can prepare an extraordinary dinner.

At home you can also cook delicious grilled pork. The recipe is very simple. Barbecue is better to use pork with veins and fat. For a start, it should marinate. The marinade you can use any, but if you choose mayonnaise, for taste there is no need to include no salt, no onion, no pepper, no herbs.

When the marinade is done, it’s time to cook the pork. It should be cut and layers put in a bowl – a layer of meat, layer of mayonnaise, and so on. You can add a few cloves of garlic. The next day the pork will be ready. Usually kebab roasted on skewers for 10 minutes, however, if this is not possible, you can roast it on the pan, but the taste will be quite different. The kebab is served with bread and vegetables. This dish will appeal to everyone, the only — need a little time to prepare. The secret of this kebab is the marinade. It makes the taste mild and pleasant.

Meat — an excellent product that would be delicious, so don’t miss this chance to get pleasure from food. Eat on health!

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