A simple and delicious salad recipes

Speaking of salads, just somehow seems a festive table . which bursts with a variety of snacks. But to the solemn feasts we usually prepare salads with multiple ingredients, cutting each separately and laying in layers in the dish. All this action takes a lot of time and effort. And in our daily menu, we could really use simple recipes for delicious salads. Especially those in which do not require gourmet foods, such as pickled elephant eyebrows))))

Reasons for which it is good to have at hand simple salad recipes . enough: the sudden arrival of relatives, light cocktail with friends, a quick side dish for dinner, that sort of thing. Of course, vegetablesare layered herring under a fur coat in such cases, no one will. And here’s something quick, like vegetable salad with red fish, or cheese salad with chicken is not a sin to cook: are you not weary guests waiting, and do not get tired of the unnecessary hassles.

Believe me, in order to prepare a delicious salad, it is not necessary to stand long time at the cutting Board and spend insane amounts of money on gourmet ingredients. Even from what’s in the fridge practically every housewife can cook prostoyala, its pleasing taste and appearance, armed with a couple of decent recipes on our website.

To tell the truth, a skillful hostess can build a completely edible salad from nothing. As for the salad the main thing is the combination of ingredients and tasty dressing, and only two ingredients (tomatoes and finely chopped onions), or five (bean salad with croutons) – is not so important.

Also do not forget about the beautiful presentation of dishes, because even very simple salad laid out on a beautiful plate, it will look quite different than in a plastic basin or saucepan in which you cooked it))) But if you dream up a bit, make the salad delicately chopped vegetables, grated cheese, olives, chopped herbs, then, believe me, even the most ordinary meal turn into festive meal.

Therefore, we suggest that you need to have in your culinary Arsenal simple salad recipes with minimum ingredients in the composition, which will complement and highlight the taste of each other, and that will take you no more than 10-15 minutes to cook. And remember that salads are a great source of vitamins and other nutrients.

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